Jesus has commissioned us to live as Disciplemakers.  The way we talk about that is by asking, “How can we take next steps with you, with Jesus, Together!

We would love the opportunity do life with you.  Church happens in and through our lives–It’s the reason why Jesus put skin on, and came to hang out with us.

What you can expect is simple; We want to find ways to Eat Together, Serve Together, and Play Together.  In that, we are trying to keep a fresh walk with Jesus–you certainly don’t need any more of us splashing off on you, you need more Jesus flowing off of us splashing off.

When we meet together we try to make a practice of Studying the Bible to know the Author, Praying Together, Loving one another, and Celebrating who God is and what He is doing; expecting that God will show up, aligning our hearts with His, and doing great big God things.

We seek to honor Jesus as King, Share the Gospel in word and deed, Make Disciplemakers who make Disciplemakers who make Disciplemakers, and see the Kingdom of God grow–the rule and reign, and name and fame of Jesus.

We would love to meet you and have the opportunity to do life Together with you, and with Jesus in Mutual Community–please let us know how we can come alongside you and take next steps with you, with Jesus, Together!