FBSM Chili Cookoff INFO and Entry Form



What: FBSM Chili Cookoff Fundraiser
Why:  To show that you have the skills to make the “Best Chili Around” and support the                 Student ministries of FBC
Where:  First Baptist Church of Minonk IL
When:  Saturday January 21, 2017

Who: All Y’all!

1.)  Competitors

—Fill out a form online (at the bottom of this page) or pick up a form in the office and turn it in to the office at First Baptist Church of Minonk 300 E 5th St in Minonk, IL 61760 marked Attn: PE

2.) Eaters. We will open the doors on Saturday and you can come in and sample all of the chili’s, vote for your favorite in each category, and then have a bowl of your favorite from the whole day.

Chili Categories:  Flamingly Flavorful, Rich and Meaty, Vegetarian Delight, and
All Around Best Chili

Time:      Doors open at 430PM  Best Chili will be announced at 6PM.

At the end of the day we will count up the votes in each category, and we will give props to the “Greatest Chili in the Area” in your category.

Suggested Donation: $5 per person
(gets you a taste of each chili, a bowl of your favorite chili, and a vote to cast in each category)(Additional bowls of scrumptiousness for the suggested donation of $2)

Come and Join us!

All proceeds will go serve the Student Ministries at First Baptist Church


Entry Form:

If you are interested in entering your chili in the competition, please fill out the entry form below, or pick up a form in the church office and turn it into the Church Office marked attention PE.

You are welcome to enter into more than one category, we just ask that you fill out another form so we can prepare accordingly.  Thanks

Understand that by entering we are asking that you:

1.)  Please make enough chili to serve at least 70 people a spoonful of your Chili (For Each Category that you enter) enough that they can taste your creation and vote; and then, have enough left over for those who would like a bowl of your tasty-delightful-award-winning-Chili.

2.)  Please come and serve and brag on your chili.  We will have tables set up for you on site.  You will need to have your chili ready to go 15 minutes before start time.  Folks will have 1.5 hours to taste the chili’s and vote.  Please be there to serve your Chili and talk with the folks during this time.  The best Chili for each category will be announced at 6PM.

Those who win in each category will receive an award, and will have their names posted in our media releases, and will hold bragging rights for 2017 as the “Best Chili Around”.

If you have any further questions, please contact Eric at 309-432-2900 or email him at the church office at pe.minonkbaptist@gmail.com

Thanks for Supporting FBSM.

ONLINE Entry Form