When I read the Bible I see two dominant themes.

Who God is: His character and being, worthy of worship and praise, and our full

What God is doing: His rescue, the Gospel; through the life and death and resurrection
of Jesus Christ, and how Jesus has commissioned His followers and empowered them
by His Holy Spirit to be apart of His rescue plan and bring the Gospel as we make disciples, together, helping each other take next steps with Jesus proclaiming who He is and what He has done in and through our lives together.

Being made in the image of God means we have the unique ability to be in relationship
with God, and our deepest need is to have this relationship made right–which is the
hope of the Gospel. We also were not made to be alone, but are created to exist, like
God, in community. We were also created for such a time as this, to do good works
prepared in advance for us.

So, as we are living gathered and sent for the renown of the King, we intentionally are
sent out to make disciples (Taking Next Steps With Jesus Together!) and we are invited
into the Church, God’s body, to worship God, and to be equipped as we live lives that are lived in the rhythm of being gathered and sent for the renown of our King Jesus.

We do this Together, in two veins.

First:  We are commissioned to be Disciplemakers, so we seek to live as such both prayerfully and intentionally looking for ways to Engage Culture by eating, serving, and playing together. As relationships are developed–because ‘Ministry Occurs in the Context of Relationship‘– and trust grows we pray for God to open “God doors”–opportunities for us to pray, to share, to tell the Gospel, to serve, to be served, etc.–where God can work with us to share His love and truth; and then we pray for the compassionate obedience to follow Jesus and walk through those doors, Together!

As relationships develop, we gather in Biblical Communities of Belonging where we do
life together intentionally. This is where we engage culture together, as well as wrestle God’s word together, pray together, love one another, and celebrate who God is and what He is doing as we live life Together. These are hubs of connection where, as we are living gathered and sent, we can encourage, equip, exhort, resource, and release one another to the Disciplemaking lives that we are commissioned to.

As these communities grow and multiply, God will raise up Barnabus-esque Servant
leaders to minister as servants and elders and deacons to help equip the body.
And, as we are listening to the conversations of the folks that God is connecting us with,
and as we are listening to the Holy Spirit in those conversations, we can now prayerfully
Contextualize and make wise and informed decisions as to how best to bring the love
and truth of the Gospel to the community God has placed us in and beyond.

Second, we gather as the Church.  As communities of Disciplemakers we gather weekly to Worship God–Celebrate who He is and what He is doing in our lives, we Study the Bible to know the Author of the Bible Together, we Pray Together, We Love One Another (Love means to seek another’s blessing).  We look for ways to serve, to be thankful, to practice hospitality, to encourage, equip, exhort, resource, and release one another to take next steps with Jesus, Together, on this Disciplemaking adventure that God has invited us to come on with Him.

This means that we stop to prayerfully, and intentionally to meet with each other to worship and Be with God, Together.  Why?  To allow God to align our hearts with His so that we can take next steps with Jesus, Together!  To remember what God has done.  To prayerfully and wisely steward the resources God has given us so that we can intentionally to do the work God has called us to do–all for the Glory of God.

This is evaluated by 4 key values:

Jesus is King: This is HIs Church, His bride, and all we do should reflect this in our
worship, in our lives, in our resources–its all His, all for HIs glory.

The Gospel: This should be lived out in word and deed, like Jesus did and does
incarnationally in all we do.

Disciplemaking: We should be making Disciplemakers, who make Disciplemakers, who
make Disciplemakers; like Jesus.

The Kingdom of God
: This is where God’s rule and reign is, and where we are, should
reflect that; do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. All we do should
reflect this.

All we do as the Body of Christ should reflect these–if what we are doing doesn’t, why
would we be doing it?

Honestly, you don’t need any more of us.  We are broken sinners saved by the grace of God–we are begging God for a fresh walk with Jesus so that what splashes off on others is not more of us, but more of Jesus flowing through us.

The theological foundation for this thinking is simple, and yet profound. The GC3

The Great Commandment: We are called to love God with all we are, and love our
neighbors as ourselves–we learn to love God by seeing how He loves us and see’s us,
which in turn changes how we see ourselves, which will then help us to love our
neighbors–all driven by God’s love and the Gospel.

The Great Commission: This is what we are sent out to do. Make disciples–helping folks to take next steps with Jesus together–living out the Gospel intentionally.

The Great Commitment: Jesus called us to give Him everything; to count the cost–He gave us all, He deserves our all–and yet, I have found my greatest joy, purpose, fulfillment,and pleasure in life following Him–there is nothing better than this adventure of following Jesus.

We want to invite you to join us on this adventure of a lifetime, this “Taking Next Steps With Jesus Together!”  God has been pursuing us from the beginning.  He has created us to be in relationship with Him and that is amazing.  We would love to have the privilege of doing life with you, with Jesus, Together!  Let us know how we can Take Next Steps With Jesus, With You–Together!


God’s Rescue Plan
From before the beginning of time, God has His rescue plan in mind, because He loves us that much.  [Eph 1:3-14]

Make sure that you are able to share God’s love with others—[1 Pet 3: 14-16]

Here is where you can go in the Bible to clearly share that with others:

Romans 3: 23, Romans 6: 23, Roman 5: 8, John 3:16-17, Romans 10: 8-10

What is God’s will for your life?  Simple—Live as a Disciplemaker.  This is Jesus commission to us:

“Jesus came and told his disciples, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth.  Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”
Matthew 28:18-20
So, soberly consider the GC3 as you decide to follow Jesus:

Great Commandment: Love God with all ya got, and love people till ya drop                [Matt 22:37-39]
Great Commission: This is your new lifestyle (see above) [Matt 28:18-20]
Great Commitment: Count the Cost [Luke 9: 23-27; 14:25-33, Matthew 10:39, Phil 3:7-14]